Sport connects, this slogan goes for all of sports, including mountaineering. Reaching the top of a mountain together, tracking untouched powder slopes for the first time just to let it all sink in during a warm tea in a mountain hut. That’s how an activity in the mountains can turn into a true highlight for you and your team or your customers.


The real skiing. Fresh powder, untracked slopes and blue skis are the ingredients for a perfect day of skiing. You shouldn’t rely on your luck when it comes to safety in such environments, rather on the expertise and experience of the professional Vivalpin mountain guides. Snow, mountains and the respective weather and condition are their field of knowledge. Vivalpin has been organizing freeride camps and courses for over 30 years now. Numerous celebrated freeride locations to choose, such as: Alagna, Andermatt, Chamonix, Courmayeur, Disentis, Fieberbrunn, Hochfügen, La Grave, Livigno, Gressoney, Saas-Fee, Sulden, St.Moritz, Zermatt…


This sport offers the perfect synthesis of famous mountain sports. After an ascent, which is comparable to a regular hike, follows a rapid descent on skis. This already perfect combination can be made even more spectacular by adding scenic peaks, climbing sequences, a number of fantastic lodges or even in faraway cultures.

The ski tours of the Vivalpin professionals are known to be perfectly organized, well implaced risk-management, modern rental equipment and highly motivated and qualified UIAGM mountain guides.

Experience your once of a lifetime ski touring adventure with VIVALPIN in the Alps, Norway or Iceland.


Snowshoeing is the easiest and most ancient form of moving through mountainous scenery in winter. Walking with snowshoes doesn’t require any sort of previous knowledge or technical skills, yet opens up incomparable perspectives of the wintery landscape. Time slows down while you experience a totally new approach to sports during winter as you explore alpine surroundings with breathtaking views. Our professional guides know all the hidden gems in our home mountains and naturally the best huts for a proper finale of the day. You will be equipped with high standard TUBBS-snowshoes and LEKI-telescope poles for your individual tour.


Trekking on „eternal“ ice. Glaciers throughout the Alps have had a lengthy history with many warmer and colder periods in time. Some even trace back over thousands of years. There are still a few glaciers left in Germany, although nearly all of them are slowly disappearing forever. Nevertheless, you get to experience an unforgettable feeling and truly unique experience in the Bavarian Alps. Discover the last German glacier regions with our certified local guides and the best possible rental equipment for maximum safety. A guaranteed cool event, even during summertime.


There’s more to rock climbing than just pure strength, stamina and skill. Besides safety techniques, a proper risk management is key in this highly alpine discipline. Teams can improve their co-working skills, because rock climbing requires strategic approaches as well as a common access to the sport. The feeling of having mastered the key problem of a pitch or tour will most certainly last for a long time. Our handpicked state certified mountain guides with superior rock climbing expertise are happy to accompany from your first steps up to multi-pitched tours.