Support your sales team with qualitative demanding and customized trainings for certain products personalized for the company’s needs! The buyer’s experience is usually divided into different phases, which leads to the danger that indecisive potential buyers might favor a competing offer if advisory service is lacking.

Especially in the sport and outdoor industry, authenticity and empathy are elementary topics within the retail and sales branches. So how about giving your sales-team the opportunity to experience rock-climbing, freeriding or on-piste skiing in person? Getting the chance to test and really experience certain products personally can provide decisive details for a sales-team to convince potential clients whether it be in the B2B or B2C context.

Together with your in-company and our external training professionals we are creating the suiting conditions for your product or schooling topics, which are naturally aligned with your commercial goals. The result is a notable enhancement of the retailer’s performance and the assurance that each co-worker is informed on time about the necessary facts, to cope with the demands of the retail market.