Recruiting incentives in an alpine environment enable a trustworthy and relieable evaluation for potential prospectives, as both technical and soft skills will transpire individually. For your successful human resource management. A recruitee presents an outstanding vita, prime references and leaves a good impression after the first screening. Does one fit into the team? How does one manage unfamiliar situations? How flexible is one really? Did one get to know the company, its philosophy and her coworkers properly? These are all complex questions that might not necessarily surface during a regular job interview. That’s why we focus on outdoor recruiting workshops for many years now. We create a structured opportunity to get to know each other ideally in order to make a well-founded decision for both parties. Therefore, technical exercises and requirements of the company are implemented in an outdoor context which emphasizes on the respective key qualifications: social-, methodical-, decision-making competences. Contrary to the assessment center, the main focus doesn’t lie on the individual but on the potential employment relation.